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  • What Is Physiotherapy ?
    Physiotherapy help restore movement and function to anyone affected by an injury, disability or health condition using various techniques like manul therapy , electro therapy, exercises and education. Its a non medicinal approach to treat various neuro, ortho, sports and cardio conditions. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease. Physiotherapist help patients to manage there pain and prevent diseases for peopel of all ages It’s a therapy that can help you achieve movement for life
  • What does a physiotherapist do
    Physiotherapist assess your condition and uses conservative management which is scientifically proven to deal with your ailment . After assessing your condition it uses this data to treat your condition as whole , they educate you expalins each and every asspects of your condtion and then explain you the treatment protocol to help recover faster. Physiotherapist uses various advanced techniques to treat various conditions.
  • Why Physiotherapy ?
    Physiotherapy is based on conservative managemnet which does not involve medication, so the first choice of treatement for all patients should be physio. Since most of the orthopedic and neuro conditions can be dealth very effectively by physiotherapy you can save lot of money and get back to your work as early as possible. Physiotherapy is a degree course recognised by government of India , so they have all the knowledge to treat - Nerological ( stroke,parkinson, multiple sclerosis, etc) Orthopedic ( Arthritis, Spondylosis, slip disc ) Cardio ( Rehab after bypass,angioplasty, heart attack, respiratory problems) Sports ( shin splint, runner knee, ankle sprain)
  • Who needs Physiotherapy ?
    Physiotherapy is needed by all ages of people, from kids to elders anyone can opt for physiotherapy if they are experiencing pain, discomfort, difficulty in movement, loosing balance.
  • How many sessions of physiotherapy are required ?
    Physiotheapist will assess your condition on your first visit and then they will explain you in details about your condition and how its going to progress. You need to understand physiotherapy is not magic it takes time to heal , its a slow and gradual process but the effects are long lasting and with proper follow up you wont need anything else.
  • Should i consult physio or should i consult orthopedic ?
    Most of the people have confusion whether they can consult physiotheapist without the refernce of the orthopedic, the answer is YES they can . Physiotherapist is an independent profession ,Maharashtra OTPT council clearly defines its duties and law governing physiotherapy. For more details visit :
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