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people waiting for physiotherapy health check up


With my group of physiotherapists I conduct free physiotherapy health camps for a wide range of populaces.

There are numerous misconceptions among masses in regards to exercise, workouts and PAIN. Indeed, even a little pain can make individuals avoid any sort of exercise, when as a general rule, when we assessed there problems, we recognize their directional inclination and guide them with respect to the sort of activity they can, and can't accomplish for the time being.

Every patient must be evaluated and a customized treatment as indicated by the individualized clinical assessment. We restore them to full usefulness in few sessions and get them back to work and full functionality, even the provocative ones.

We explain them and their trainers all the precautions and contraindicated movements and clear all their doubts, so that the patient can continue exercising at their gym ,in this way they won’t lose working out on the rest of the body , because of injury to specific part.

​The camp aims at recognizing the underlying cause of the pain, stiffness which limits there activity of daily needs. It even creates awareness among common people that how important exercises are.

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