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What is Back Pain


what is back pain ?

Physiotherapy for Back pain in Thane

Back pain is most common problem faced my many Indians and even globally

It’s usually been ignored by people until it causes them serious discomfort and it’s dealt very causally considering as an unavoidable discomfort. This very back pain we fail to realize that over a period of time can lead to serious physical problems.

People usually prefer over the counter pain killer, pain relief spray or balms as they believe this can give quick relief from back pain instead of seeking proper back pain treatment.

Back pain can be categorized into three different types depending upon the region of the back affected:

1) Cervical or neck pain or upper back pain

2) Thoracic or mid back pain

3) Lumbar or low back pain

Sacral (Coccydynia) or tailbone pain

Upper back pain: Upper back pain usually comprise of cervical area i.e. neck. The pain and stiffness may spread to neck, lower portion of head, shoulder area. Major reason is wrong sleeping posture, slouching, excessive use of mobile and laptop.

Mid Back pain: Mid back pain comprise of the region between the neck and the lower back and its less common form of back pain unless you are sitting in really bad posture or mostly found in old age due to aging of the bones. It is also called as Thoracic pain medically.

Lower back pain: Lower back pain is the lower one third part of your back spine. Since it’s the most mobile part of the entire spine it is more susceptible for wear and tear of the tissues and bone. Special care is needed to avoid early degeneration. It is also one of the most common form of back pain affecting majority of people.

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