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Happy New Year 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Dr Sahil's Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic Wishing you healthy, peaceful and joyful 2020 We wish you stay healthy and fit throughout your life, and achieve success in all walks of your life. Our clinic has come a long way and has help thousands of patients to recover from chronic debilitating pain and live a pain free life , we always strive to give you best every year and we hope and wish to give the same throughout our life. Along with the basic Physiotherapy we also provide advanced technologies like Pulsed signal therapy, PEMF, cupping, dry needling, Kinesiology taping, Mulligan, Maitland mobilisation. The Physiotherapy service which we provide at our clinic is quite advanced and has got all the advanced Physiotherapy available. We believe in giving the best to our patients so we are up-to-date with the latest and more benefiting technology. These advance Physiotherapy has helped large number of patients to get back to normal life within short span of time.

Our service is not limited to clinic, we even provide home Physiotherapy services like physiotherapist near me

We do understand that many are facing with chronic problems and for them require individual tailored programs, which in turns gives faster and better results. Our staff is well trained and skilled, they have done there masters and achieved various other skills and techniques in treating patients. The way we have served all these years, we would continue to give the best in coming years. We thank all for appreciating our work and believing in us and giving opportunity to serve you.

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