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Doctors wearing mask for safety

COVID-19 Appointment Protocol

Essential public health services are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, and after the long lockdown, Maharashtra is one of the worst affected states along with Tamil Nadu. While the number of cases in Maharashtra is gradually coming down, hospitals have to ensure that people who visit to get tested for coronavirus do not get infected if they do not have the virus.

While hospitals are using the best hospital-grade disinfectant to clean their premises and frequently touched surfaces, still more needs to be done. We, at Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, have opened our doors to patients. We have established a stringent appointment protocol that patients and staff need to follow.

Here is the appointment protocol that Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic is using:


Arrival at the Clinic

On arrival, patients are requested to wait outside the clinic or in their vehicle for up to five minutes before their appointment. A staff member from the administration team will get in touch with you once the physiotherapist and the other staff are ready to take you in. In case, you do not have a mobile phone, please ensure that our admin staff can see you. They will attract your attention and you can enter the clinic.


Hand Sanitizing

At Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, we take sanitation and hygiene very seriously. That is why at the doorway, before entering the clinic, you should make a pit stop at the sanitizing station, at the sanitizer dispenser containing WHO-recommended hand sanitizer. Please sanitize your hands before entering the clinic. You would also have to use the sanitizer dispenser even if you are wearing gloves.


Protective Masks

Everyone must wear a face mask at Dr. Sahil’s. So, if you have your own mask, please bring it along for the appointment. The acceptable masks are cloth masks, paper masks, and bandanas. In case you do not have a mask or forget to bring yours for the appointment, let the administration team know. They will provide one for you on arrival.


You need to don the mask before entering the clinic. If you do not wear the mask or refuse to wear it, you will not be allowed to enter the clinic.


Personal Items

To minimize the chances of cross-infection, we request our patients to leave their personal belonging, such as jackets, hats, bags, and water bottles, in their vehicles.


Bringing a Companion to Your Appointment

At Dr. Sahil’s, we are no longer allowing a companion with the patient unless the patient is under 16 years and requires the presence of a parent or guardian.


We realize that some of our patients have mobility issues. Under such circumstances, we are allowing a companion, but to ensure that the person is infection-free, they would have to fill out our Client Screening Questionnaire. After satisfactorily answering the questions, we will allow the companion to enter along with the patient.


Waiting Area

While we ensure that all surfaces are constantly cleaned using a hospital-grade cleaner and disinfectant, it is best to refrain from touching surfaces. It is for your own protection and others. We will ensure that that you do not have a long wait for your appointment. We have taken this step to minimize the number of patients at a given time.


The Washroom

We request you to not use the washroom at the clinic. Instead, please use your washroom at home or work before coming for your appointment.


Patient Screening

On arrival at the reception, you will have to complete a Client Screening Questionnaire. This is to safeguard you and the staff at the clinic. The questionnaire endeavours to find out whether you are an apt candidate for in-person care and are aware of the risks associated with the care.


In case the screening reveals that you could be at risk of COVID-19, we will refer you to a testing center for further evaluation. We will provide the testing centre with the details of your temperature and SpO2 level.


Treatment Bed

After you enter the clinic wearing a face mask, and having sanitized your hands and filled out the screening questionnaire, a staff member will take you to the treatment couch. You can rest assured knowing that at Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, we clean the couch with the best hospital-grade disinfectant.


Each treatment Couch is well spaced from one another keeping in mind the social distancing and each couch has got curtains. The physio will draw the curtains to give you privacy and then commence with the treatment that has been planned for you.


During Your Physio Appointment

The physiotherapist treating you will enter the treatment room wearing a mask or face shield and gloves. The gloves are changed for each patient, so there is no cause for concern. The treatment will take place in an enclosed area that is cordoned off with a curtain.


The physiotherapist will use certain equipment as part of your therapy. We make sure that we sanitize the equipment with hospital-grade disinfectant after each use. Alternatively, the specific equipment is quarantined for three days to ensure there is no transfer of infection from one patient to another.


After Your Physio Appointment

After completing your physiotherapy, the physio will book your next appointment. Thereafter, the physio will ask you to make a contactless payment. Once you settle your account, you can leave the clinic.


Contactless Payment

At Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, we encourage patients to use Google Pay, PayTM and UPI. While we still accept cheques and cash, we prefer to avoid these modes of payment. Hence, we request you to kindly use the aforementioned digital payment methods.


Exiting the Clinic

As you head out of the clinic, we request you to once again stop at the sanitizing station and sanitize your hands.


That’s It!

We realize that the measures listed here may sound extreme. However, with COVID-19 raging non-stop across the world, these protective measures will become part of the new normal, and everyone will have to adjust to it. So, we thank you for your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic is a safe and coronavirus-free treatment facility.


It is time that we work together and ensure that each one of us stays healthy and safe.

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