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Naupada Branch

Revitalize Your Body at Our Naupada Physiotherapy Clinic

Hey there! If you're in Thane city and searching for top-notch physiotherapy, guess what? We've got a spot right in the heart of Naupada, and we'd love to have you over.

Dr Sahils advanced physiotherapy clinic

Now, if you're wondering how to find us, it's pretty straightforward. Ever been to Malhaar Cinema? It's one of the oldest theaters in the city. Just think of those classic films and the scent of fresh popcorn. Our clinic is right near there. Look for Shop no 4 in Rajdeep Society, and that's us!

Still not sure? Here's another landmark for you. Right next to our clinic is the renowned Dr. Milind Patil, a maestro in knee replacement surgeries. And just opposite us is the Revival Bone and Joint Hospital. Being in close proximity to such an esteemed medical facility keeps us on our toes, ensuring you get only the best.

And hey, for all you motorbike enthusiasts, the new Rynox exclusive store is right around the corner next to Vodafone Gallery. Grab your riding gears, and maybe after, drop by for a therapy session, especially if those long rides give you a backache. Our clinic is situated in the cozy lane opposite to it, called Prashant Nagar Road.

Booking an appointment is super easy. Just give us a ring at +91 9136354503. We're here to help, be it any aches, sprains, or post-operative recovery. And guess what? Apart from our standard treatments, we've introduced some special therapies at this branch: IASTM therapy, Cupping, and Dry needling. If you're curious about them, let's chat.

Whether you're recuperating from surgery, or you've been dealing with chronic pain, or just want to improve mobility, our Naupada clinic offers the same dedicated service as our main branch. We've been around, we've seen it all, and our primary mission is to get you back to feeling your best.

So, the next time you're near Malhaar Cinema or checking out the latest riding gear at Rynox, remember, we're right here. Waiting with a smile and the promise of expert care.

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