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Internationally Accepted Physiotherapy protocols

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Best Rated Physiotherapy

Three Best-Rated


Google 4.8 Stars

100+ Reviews


250+ Votes

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Individually Tailored Treatment

Personalized Care

High Standards of Physiotherapy Treatment

dr sahil Top 3 physiotherapy in thane 2018
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Why us

At Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, your health is our priority! Our practitioners are passionate about health and strive to offer the finest care regardless of age, gender or creed.


We believe in a holistic multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, that is tailored specific to your needs. Regardless of your current circumstance, lifestyle factors and individual health goals we are always ready to assist you add quality to your life.

If you are after Physiotherapy services in Thane or Ghodbandar road, look no further than our Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic.


Vision: To provide and promote wellness care to everyone.

Method: Using Advanced integrated treatment methods, research and continued education to provide specialized treatment methods in order to retrain and minimize stress physically, chemically and emotionally.

Outcome: Patients achieving optimal health and well-being therefore are inspired to share the wellness message.

We find out the root cause of pain

Our skilled physiotherapist with there advanced clinical diagnosis reaches to the root cause of the problem to solve them effectively and helps you to recover faster.

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